Console cranes - 2 pcs.

Console cranes fabricated and put in operation in 2017 designed especially for the needs of the company and its specific orderes.

Bridge crane 20t

Two pieces located at the outdoor production premises and traveling cranes - three pieces with respective capacity: 5t, 8t, 20t

Pipe bending machine

for pipes up to diameter 108 mm 

Welding equipment ESAB and Fronius

The Aristo® Mig 4004i Pulse power source is designed for high quality and high productivity welding applications. This multi-process welding package features the latest inverter technology to efficiently weld mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum using solid or flux-cored wire.

CNC gas-flame cutting machine

Machines is equipped with two cutting heads. CNC control allows cutting of steel in different shapes with thickness up to to 100 mm.

Press brake machine for plate steel

Very powerful press brake machine for plate steel bending with capabilties for bending in different radius depending on the available tools.

CNC press brake machine

Machine is put in operation in 2017. Press brake is equipped with CNC control for bending of plte steel with thickness up to 8 mm alond the machines width 4 m. The machine has antideformation modules, which guarantee precision of bending along the full machines width.

Guillotine plate shearer

Plate shearer for cutting of plate steel up to 2 mm and length not greater than 1 m

Gullotine plate shearer

Plate sherer for plate steel cutting with thickness up to 16 mm and length up to 2 m.

Rolling machine for plate steel

Plate roling machine for materials with thickness up to 2 mm, minimum diameter 120 mm and length of 1 m.

Rolling machine for plate steel

Plate rolling machine for materials with thickness up to 10 mm and minimum diameter up to 200 mm.

Plate and profile rolling machine

Rolling machine for plates and profile steel with thickness up to 30 mm and minimum diameter of 450 mm.