Mechanical installation works

Belt conveyor installation

Object: "Geometal" EOOD

Implementation period: 2008

Scope: Belt conveyor installation PS 1600 mm. with length 560 m. for mining complex "Elatsite Med".

Installation of mechanical equipment

Object: "SBS Buhnentehnik" GmbH

Implementation period: 2008

Scope: Installation of mechanical equipment of down stage mechanization, revision, preventive maintenance and installation of existing equipment, fabrication and erection of steel structures.

Reparation of existing filter

Оbject: "Vulkan Cement" AD

Implementation period: 2008

Scope: Reconstruction of existing filter of kiln №4 in cement plant "Vulkan Cement" - Dimitrovgrad.

Erection of fridge installation

Object: "Kamenitza" AD

Implementation period: 2008

Scope: Erection of fridge installation including fridge compressor, ammonia evaporator, evaporative condenser, etc.

Reconstruction of agregate АС72

Object: "Neochim" AD

Implementation period: 2007-2008

Scope: Structural steelwork.

Construction of installation for air separation

Object: "Linde Gas Bulgaria" EOOD

Implementation period: 2007

Scope: Mechanical installation works - complete performance of part "Mechanical - technological" installation of compressors, cooling column, vessels and equipment, pipelines and pumps.

Fabrication and construction of a new electrostatic precipitator for Mondi Stamboliyski EAD

Object: "FL Smidth"

Period: 2007

Scope: Fabrication and installation of a new electrostatic precipitator for the needs of Mondi Stamboliiski EAD, designed by FL Smidth Denmark.

Dismantle of structural steelwork from Germany and installation of the same in Bulgaria

Object: "Ceramics House" EOOD

Implementation period: 2006-2007

Scope: Dismantle of production lines for ceramic products from Germany, second installation in Bulgaria at the territory of the plant for ceramic products Straldja city.

Production and installation of electrostatic precipitator

Оbject: "Vulkan Cement" AD

Implementation period: 2006

Scope: Production of steel structures and parts for new electrostatic precipitator, construction and installation of electrostatic precipitator for project of "FL Smidth" Denmark.

Reparation of electrostatic precipitator

Оbject: "Energoremont Holding" AD

Implementation period: 2006

Scope: Reparation of electrostatic precipitator of boiler-aggregate №1 at TPP "Maritza East 2".

Fabrication and erection of roof structural steelwork

Object: "Mondi Stambolijski" EAD

Implementation period: 2014

Scope: Fabrication of steelwork structure for boiler roof for biomass burning, dismantle of existing steelwork structure and installation of new one, erection of roof LT steel plate.

Dismantling, moving and installation of a crushing plant

Object: "Kronoshpan Bulgaria" EOOD

Implementation period: 2017

Scope: Complete dismantling, transportation and re-installation of crushing plant and conveyors.