Assembly and transport equipment

Truck crane with a capacity of 45 tons.

Telescopic tower up to 26 m. - 1 pc.

Telescopic tower up to 21 m. - 2 pcs.

Heavy-duty truck with a load capacity of up to 12 tons and a crane with a load capacity of up to 5 tons.

Hevy weight truck

Standard trailer with a load capacity of up to 24 tons.

Low platform for transport of machinery and oversized cargo

Automatic CNC drilling machine

The machine is manufactured and put in operation in 2017 for fabrication of bolted structural steel. The line allows automatic drilling, marking and scribing of steel plates and profiles within a tolerance of 0.1 mm at ver high speed of work. The availability of automatic instrument change and selection from a magazin with 6 different instruments provides the guarantee for high level of productivity and quick execution of various fabrication programs. Fabrication precision achieved eliminates the chance for any mistakes during the manufacturing stage, which results to further effortless and quick erection on site.

Semi-automatic bandsaw for steel prfiles up to 800 mm

The bandsaw is manufactured and put in operation in 2017. Model OL 500/800 DG HP s is a high-productivity bandsaw with parallel movement of sawing frame for angle cutting. Machine is specially designed for cutting of steel tubes and profiles. Model OL 500/800 DG HP s had in it an integrated function for automatic adjustment of the band slope to the profile section during the cutting process from 3° to 20°. The bandsaw guarantees high speed of cutting at low noise and vibrations level.

Bandsaw for steel profiles up to 450 mm

Bandsaw is manually operated and allows straight and angle cutting. It is designed for cutting of steel profiles, tubes and solid bars. Maximum profile size is 450 mm.

Lathes C11, MT, C13

Lathe for pipe treatment diameter up to 219 mm

Airless painting equipment

Airless painting pumps for application of different anti-corrosion systems and coatings - 2 pcs.

Shotblasting chamber

The equipment is manufactured and put into operation in 2013. Its non-standard dimensions and design especially for the needs of the company allows blasting not only of raw materials but fabricated steel structures as well.