Production base

For 10 years we have turned our production base into one of the largest and most modern plants for metal structures in Bulgaria. We have invested a lot of money and energy for the complete reorganization of the processes and modernization of our production equipment.

We have a total area of ​​20,000 square meters, of which the equipped covered production area exceeds 5,000 square meters, divided into four separate workshops:

  • Workshop for processing plate steel with an area of ​​1,440 sq.m. The workshop is designed for making sheet metal blanks by plasma and gas-flame cutting, bending with press brake and winding with shaft bending machines, edge preparation, splicing and welding.
  • Workshop for processing structural steelwork with an area of ​​1,080 sq.m. It performs cutting and splicing of profiles, drilling and preparation of the edges for welding.
  • Workshop for assembly and welding activities with an area of ​​1,440 sq.m. The workshop is equipped with the necessary lifting equipment for installation and assembly of plate and structural steel blanks, welding, cleaning of products and their preparation for application of corrosion protection.
  • Workshop for laying anti-corrosion coatings with an area of ​​800 sq.m. By means of constructed transport facilities, the finished products are moved to a separate workshop for application of anti-corrosion protection (painting). The products are cleaned and prepared for application of the painting system prescribed in the project.
  • Shot blasting chamber. The camera is located in a separate room outside the main production shops. By means of an incoming conveyor, the metal enters the chamber and is automatically cleaned to varying degrees of gloss. Depending on its purpose, the prepared material is transported by conveyor to the appropriate workshop for subsequent operations. The camera allows the cleaning of finished elements - beams, columns, trusses, sheet structures after their production and immediately before painting.